Valentines Day Ideas in Winnipeg!

Want to do something special with your significant other but have no idea what to do? Tired of the typical flowers and generic romantic dinners? We have a couple of ‘outside the box’ ideas that you can try out next Thursday! We’ll break it down for you guys for all budgets out there!

Price - $

Cook / order in dinner

Location: Home

Price: $

One of the most original ways to show someone how much you care for them is to cook for them! Do some research on recipes and pick up some groceries! A nice night at home may be just what you and your significant other need for Valentine’s Day!

If you don’t want to cook dinner, try Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats and order in! Bonus points if you watch his/her favourite movie on Netflix afterwards.


Valentine’s Night Painting Class

Location: Node / 594 main st.

Price: $

Valentine’s Night Painting Class at Node is a great way to do something together for Valentine’s Day! Paint a portrait of each other or paint something together! Either way it is a great way to have some fun for Valentines!

THIS CLASS IS ALL ABOUT LOVING PORTRAITS! Single? In a relationship? This class is for all!

Price - $$

Rome and Juliet Winnipeg.jpg

Romeo & Juliet

Location: Centennial Concert Hall

Price: $$

Romeo and Juliet is playing at the Centennial Concert Hall! What better way to spend Valentine’s day to watch the most tragic love story from Shakespeare!

Tango Valentine Weekend

Location: SANA Souphouse

Price: $$

A great way to spend Valentines is to take this workshop and learn the body language of Tango!

About the instructors Fabián and Roxana like to share this metaphor: “Each tango is a romance that lasts three minutes”. Their focus is on more than just a theoretical explanation of this beautiful dance form, as their lessons address the language of the tango - including how to maintain a poised, fluid and improvised conversation between the leader and follower. With this approach, Fabián and Roxana's students are able to progressively master the most advanced dance elements of this unique language.

Price - $$$


Winnipeg Jets Vs. Colorado Avalanche

Location: Bell MTS Place

Price: $$$

Are you a couple the loves sports? The Winnipeg Jets are playing the Colorado Avalanche! Keep you and your significant other on the edge of your seat with this thrilling hockey game!

Tickets still available on Ticketmaster & SeatGeek

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raw almond.jpg

RAW: Almond

Location: The Forks

Price: $$$

RAW: Almond is a pop up restaurant that invites amazing chefs from all over the world. If you love great cuisine, enjoy this wonderful dinner on the frozen red river lake.

Check our previous post on more info on this once a year winter event!


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Christopher Ngo