Pop-Up Ramen Restaurant: Ramen Takeuma @ Cafe Ce Soir!

Ramen Takeuma

Where: Cafe Ce Soir - 937 Portage Avenue

When: Now - August 23, 2019

Price: $37.45 - RSVP ONLY

If you’re craving for an authentic Japanese ramen experience here in Winnipeg, look no further than Ramen Takeuma! Ramen Takeuma is a temporary pop-up ramen restaurant that is running now until August 23, 2019 at the old Cafe Ce Soir restaurant. Owner and executive chef Atsushi Kawazu is a native from Kyoto, Japan and was formally trained there as a chef and he’s bringing his talents to Winnipeg for a Japanese dining experience you won’t want to miss!

Tickets must be purchased BEFORE the event as this is an exclusive dining experience. Your ticket will get you a 4 course meal consisting of the following:

  • Gomae (Japanese Style Spinach)

  • Tatsuta-age (Deep-fried Chicken)

  • Ramen

  • Dessert


Everything Winnipeg had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner at Ramen Takeuma, a pop-up ramen shop open until August 23rd, 2019 

You are greeted by the chef, Atsushi Kawazu, who instantly makes you feel excited and welcomed. The server will ask you to put your mark on the map; a way for them to know where their location could end up once the ramen pop-up closes its doors. If you’re hoping for an Osborne/ Downtown location, you’re in luck so far!

We would highly recommend the feature drink; a blend of grapefruit juice, gin, elderflower liqueur and club soda. It was deliciously refreshing on such a hot Friday evening.

Our first dish, Gomae, featured spinach in a salty-tangy dressing, one made with white sesame seeds and one with black sesame seeds. It was a very light and fresh way to begin the four-course meal.

Our second dish was Tatsuta-age, a melt-in-your-melt, crispy but not too crispy deep-fried chicken, paired with a wasabi mayo. The spice and crunch came together to create an amazing starter dish.

The main event; the ramen was next. Dried fish, chicken, and pork all helped to create this perfectly salted and slurp-worthy broth. The Pork belly was a great add-on to the already flavourful ramen, which complimented the various vegetables and noodles in the dish.

To end the dinner, a mango jelly dessert is served. The lightness of this dessert was a great balance to what was a very filling three course meal beforehand.

We overheard the owner say, “I want to hear people slurp the broth!”, so after you reserve your table and purchase your tickets online, grab a drink and chow down on a delicious four-course meal, and slurp away!

RAting: 10/10

Christopher Ngo